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Brought to you by Bronner Bros, Inc.


Bronner Brothers Distributor Opportunity

Bronner Bros. is looking for exceptional distributors throughout the nation. We need individuals with a passion for success, keen interpersonal skills, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to market and sell the NuExpressions and Isabella’s Own professional hair care products. Our distributors will create opportunities to communicate with existing customers while building new relationships with cosmetologists, barbers, and salon owners in their territories on a daily basis. Distributors will display a high level of customer service by initiating cold calls, salon visits, and product demonstrations to stylists. Distributors will keep their territories knowledgeable about NuExpressions and Isabella’s Own by hosting educational workshops and inviting hair care professionals to Bronner Bros. events. They will also review new product developments and sales techniques on an ongoing basis. Distributors will rely on their experiences and feedback from customers to expand their market base and increase market shares in their territories.

There are great advantages to operating a successful Bronner Bros. distributorship. As a distributor, you will start your business with the immediate backing of the one of the largest and oldest privately owned, family held African American hair and skin care lines in the United States. Bronner Bros. was founded in 1947 by two brothers, Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. and Arthur E. Bronner, Sr. Since then, Bronner Bros. has consistently produced superior products and maintained a standard of excellence that lies at the core of every aspect of our company, including our relationship with our distributors. At Bronner Bros. we provide product training, marketing support, and entrepreneurial encouragement to ensure the support of distributors. These resources will help the distributor to increase brand awareness for NuExpressions and Isabella’s Own while exceeding sales goals. As a distributor for Bronner Brothers you will be promoting products with instant name recognition.

Qualities of a Successful Distributor:

  1. Integrity in words and actions.
  2. A passionate urge to own a business.
  3. Determination to fulfill all responsibilities in a timely fashion regardless of rejection and setbacks.

Golden Nuggets for a Successful Distributor:

  1. NuExpressions and Isabella’s Own Distributors have mastered the Art of Selling. Distributors are highly skilled at showing stylists the connection between the high quality of our products, client satisfaction, and the increase in profit for the stylists’ business. Distributors tailor their sales pitch to the specific needs of each cosmetologist, barber, and salon owners.
  2. NuExpressions and Isabella’s Own Distributors maintain a positive outlook and demeanor at all times. Distributors realize persistence is a key component to the Art of Selling. Distributors know positivity is the key to overcoming multiple rejections and winning over reluctant customers.
  3. NuExpressions and Isabella’s Own Distributors have the financial resources to buy their start-up inventory. Bronner Bros. requires an initial investment of $5000.00 and a minimum monthly product order of $3000 from all distributors.

Additional Information:

Distributors need reliable transportation and a valid driver license to carry products to customers. A storage facility is needed for products when not in transit.

Distributors will need a business license, tax identification number, and a signed contract between themselves and Bronner Bros.

Distributors will investigate and resolve all customer complaints promptly.

Bronner Brothers will provide all marketing materials for distributors. Bronner Brothers will also host the first one day seminar in the distributors’ area during the ramp-up stage.

Distributers are granted rights w/in a 100 mile radius of home territory.









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